Terms and Conditions

Checking in: checking in time is from 2 pm onwards, however alternative times are by arrangement. Time between groups is required to fully service the facilities.

Checking out: normal Monday to Saturday checking out time is 11 am, however weekend (Sunday) and long weekend check out (Monday) time is 2 pm. We will endeavour to assist where alternative times are needed.

Clean up: our fees and charges are based on groups leaving premises in a clean condition. A departure check list will be given to group leaders on arrival, setting out our requirements. Groups can elect to pay a clean up option fee if preferred.

Damage: all damage or breakages are to be reported to manager or caretaker. Please note that any damage caused is your group’s financial responsibility.

Lawned areas: no vehicles allowed on lawned areas. To protect the inground watering system, no spikes or tent pegs are to be used in lawns. Our staff will advise suitable sports or camping locations.

Ball games; no ball games inside our main or accommodation buildings please. Avoid using hard balls in the vicinity of buildings. Broken windows are costly!

First aid kit: groups must bring their own first aid kit.

Noise: day time not a problem, however late at night please consider our neighbours. Be aware that local police will enforce curfews where noise levels are excessive.