Yorke Peninsula Environmental Experiences

Yorke Peninsula has some amazing coastal environments and nature experiences, with Innes National Park the jewel in the crown.

Innes National Park is popular year-round and with the ever changing seasons, there is always something different and exciting to see…from wildlife roaming the park to wildflowers bursting with colour.

There are several conservation parks in the region including Troubridge Island Conservation Park where you can rent the original old lighthouse keepers cottage.

From birdwatching to bushwalking and camping, Yorke Peninsula is the perfect group getaway.

Innes National Park

Explore spectacular Innes National Park (2 hours from Arura) where you can see emus, kangaroos and tammar wallabies in the wild. You may even see some dolphins, seals or whales swimming by! Visit a real ghost town, explore one of the many walking trails, hug a lighthouse or see the Ethel Shipwreck.

Conservation Parks

Spectacular scenery, heritage and coastal walks, bird-watching, unique flora and fauna, camping, bush walking, surfing, fishing, diving…or just relaxing on secluded footprint free beaches or your own island – Yorke Peninsula has it all!


Discover Yorke Peninsula’s amazing wildlife and spectacular wildflowers amongst coastal mallee scrubland. Explore nature walks and trails, see wildflowers blooming during winter & spring, and come face to face with a kangaroo, emu or the reintroduced Tammar Wallaby.


Wildflowers create a rich tapestry of colours across the landscape during spring and autumn. Yorke Peninsula’s coastal shrubland and Innes National Park comes alive with flaming red cockies tongue, pink common fringe-myrtle, coastal white mallee and golden wattle.


Discover the birdlife haven of Yorke Peninsula. Explore the mangroves and migratory shorebird of the Samphire Coast; or head to Innes National Park to catch a glimpse of the elusive Great Western Whipbird.

Plenty to see and do

Yorke Peninsula is one of South Australian’s favourite holiday playgrounds and a diverse region to explore. Enjoy a laidback lifestyle, kilometre after kilometre of magnificent friendly beaches and some of the best fishing in the nation.

With thanks to Yorke Peninsula Tourism